How Apna Cricket Team And Our AI Tech Helps You To Rule Fantasy Cricket Leagues — Guide

How Apna Cricket Team And Our AI Tech Helps You To Rule Fantasy Cricket Leagues — Guide

            Apna Cricket Team Hai Fantasy Analytics Ka King👑

Fantasy sports games are on the rise these days with their high cash rewards acting as bait for people who want to earn some extra monies these days for themselves besides their regular bread & butter.

To ease out your challenges for making a team that can help you to win big 🏆 Apna Cricket Team and our AI Saathi filter out those players who will perform or contribute more than those in the clash playing for glory.

Before telling you the list of probable list of players aur AI Saathi asks you some questions related to the match scenario and based on that it makes the list of players for you from which you can select players for your fantasy cricket team for example below is the demo questions asked for a match according to which AI Saathi will make our teams -

Questions That Are Asked Before Making List Of Hit Players By AI Saathi

👉🏼 After answering all these questions based on your thinking our AI Saathi will present you the names of the players who can perform well for their respective teams for example see the below photos -

                                             Team Compositions
                                         List Of Players

Apna Cricket Team not only tells you about the players but provides you with all the stats related to that cricket match & ground where that match is happening —

⭐ Gives You Batting & Bowling Stats of the ground.

⭐Our Hit Meter tells you which players are likely to perform well.

⭐Tells you about the history of the ground where the match is happening.

All the above perks are sent to you with an Insightful Match Report to your registered E-mail address before the match starts so that you can analyse it to make your choices for the questions asked by our AI Saathi Tech.


Copy Of A Match Report Sent On Registered E-mail Before Any Match

With the commencement of Super 8 matches in this T20 World Cup, we were hoping you could try our cutting-edge tech to make your fantasy teams win some big league tussles out there so that you guys can make some money.

Below are the Match Passes Launched By us for this World Cup -


                                   T20 World Cup Passes

You Can Shop ACT Access By Purchasing The Above passes from our website store with this link — ACT PRODUCTS

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